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?and the meal began.Before it w●as finished, both the jungle and its inh▓abitants had risen several degrees in▓ our estimation.Extracted from▓ their shell of mud, the frogs▓ were found to be baked into ●brown balls, and tasted not unlike fr▓ied fish.The toasted pith res▓

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embled pickled beets.But best o▓f all was the lizard currie.James and I ▓ate more than our share, and offere▓d mutual condolence that the pair sent to ●pound the old tree trunk had ▓not remained longer at their task. ▓


We went on with the soldier▓s, halting soon after dark at the bank of t▓he largest stream we had yet encounte●red.There was no village in the vicini▓ty, but the government had erected a military ▓rest-house on the bank.I


n this we spent the nig▓ht with the troopers, after partaking of a frog ▓and lizard supper. Beyond, the ter▓ritory was less mountainous and the ▓path well-marked; 437but whatever advantage we▓ gained thereby was offset


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by another di▓fficulty.The river beside which we had● left the soldiers was deep and s▓wift, and w

ound back and forth across our cou▓rse with a regularity that was disheartening.● In the first few m

orning hours we swam it no le●ss than fourteen times.It was the ninth cross●ing that we had cause lo

ngest to rememb▓er.Reaching the narrow, sandy bank a bit befo●re my companion, I stripped, and, ro▓

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